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Profiles In Music
Saskia Laroo

"Saskia plays for the people."

A giant leap for jazz.


The CD, Jazzkia,which features Saskia Laroo on trumpet, is one of the most refreshing CDs that has been released in quite a while. This particular album is a tribute to Miles Davis, but also allows Saskia to show off her composition skills on two tunes, "Spin" and "Good Morning Dr. Laroo." She then does "Bye Bye Blackbird" in a very engaging manner. She does say that she performs for the people, and this tune proves it, because you will think "Blackbirds" it long after you have heard it. Her muted trumpet may remind you of Miles, but the style and improv is strictly that of a rising star in the jazz world. She even uses the lower register to advantage on several tunes. Many trumpet players shy away from that. She is currently gigging in Europe, but is no stranger to USA clubs. If you have the opportunity to see her perform, your spirits will be lifted, and your vision of jazz will be clearer. Personnel: Saskia Laroo, trumpet Albert Sarko, piano, Jos Machtel, bass, and Martin van Duynhoven, drums. Tracks: "Spin," "Blue in Green," "Bye Bye Blackbird," "St. Thomas," "Good Morning Dr. Laroo," "My Funny Valentine," "Perdido," "Doxy," "But Not For Me," "Round Midnight," and "So What."

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