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In 1951, I was doing flight test instrumentation for Martin Aircraft in Baltimore, MD. Many of my friends were world travelers and I listened intently as they told me about the tremendous career opportunities in Brazil. I was so taken by their tales that I decided to make my fortune in Brazil. Once a month I would take a ride to D.C. to check with various agencies about moving to Brazil.

I never did move to Brazil, but being a musician , I was taken by Brazilian music. One of my favorite musicians from that era was Laurindo Almedia, who first gained prominence with Stan Kenton.

The beauty of Brazilian music can not be defined by comparison to any other music. One of the outstanding aspects of Brazilian music is the compositions, many of which were written for guitars. Many an audience has been held spellbound at a concert which featured only a guitarist. That musician could make the listener feel the complete range of emotions by choice of compositions and his or her knowledge of the instrument as an extension of the essence of a person.

Arthur C. Bourassa

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