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Saskia Laroo

This page under construction. Saskia is so talented that it does take time to list all her accomplishments.

A bright star in the world of Jazz

There is now a kinder, friendlier person in the field of Jazz. Saskia Laroo plays for the people while still being innovative. She does an excellent tribute album for Miles, but you can tell that she has been given the torch from past legends. She has written two tunes for this CD, "Spin" and "Good Morning Dr. Laroo." Besides being good tunes, they exhibit her talent as the consummate Jazz artist (musician/writer.)

The tune "Bye Bye Blackbird" shows that she has tenderness behind her honest music. Also on the CD are "Spin," "Blue In Green," "St. Thomas," "Good Morning Dr. Laroo," My Funny Valentine," "Perdido," "Doxy," "But Not For Me," "Round Midnight," and "So What."

Personnel: Saskia Laroo, trumpet - Albert Sarko, Piano-Jos Machtel, bass- Martin van Duynhoven, drums---

Cover photography: Kees Tabak