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Greg Abate


Greg Abate has received accolades for his performances at the JVC Festival
in Manhattan and the Newport Jazz Festival in addition to the festivals at
San Jose and Monterey. He has also performed at prestigious festivals
in France, Spain and Canada. It is also noteworthy that he has performed and
given jazz clinics for the past two years at The Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival.

He has become a steady fixture in the New York club scene. Greg has also
received wide acclaim in all the major cities in the ccountry. Occasionally, he
teams up with Claudio Roditi or Richie Cole for some of these gigs.
Innovations in jazz has been at the forefront of his musical abilities as a
saxophonist and composer.His interpretation of bop, straight ahead jazz, and
Brazilian music has been one step ahead of his contemporaries. You sense
this at his live concerts, but that talent also flows from his many CDs.
Greg toured for two ears with Ray Charles in the seventies, then left to
join The Artie Shaw Band under the direction of one of his mentors, Dick Johnson.

Greg was asked to give a brief explanation of what some people call jazz
and bop. He replied, "If someone is playing a lot of notes and it is not
melodic, it sounds disjointed and is not real bop or jazz. I have been told
that my music is logical and very melodic. You have to be yourself, but you
must play melodically. There is no other way to play! I also love Brazilian
music and always include some on my gigs."

One of Greg's passions is to instill a desire for young people to make a
commitment to jazz. That is why he conducts jazz clincs throughout the country.


                           Greg Abate Discography

                                  Bop Lives
                             Greg Abate Quintet
                          Featuring Claudio Roditi
                               Blue Chip Jazz

                           Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
                             Greg Abate Quintet
                            Featuring Richie Cole
                                  Candid CD

                             Itís Christmas Time
                                 Greg Abate
                           Featuring Paul Broadnax
                            Brownstone Recording

                                 Bird Lives
                          Greg Abate with All Stars
                            Featuring Red Rodney
                                  Candid CD

                          Greg Abate Straight Ahead
                          Featuring Claudio Roditi
                                  Candid CD

                          Bop City:Live at Birdland
                           The Greg Abate Quartet
                          Featuring James Williams
                                  Candid CD

                                  My Buddy
                           Greg Abate with Friends
                             Seaside Recordings

                            Samba-Manhattan Style
                              Claudio Roditi CD
                            Featuring Greg Abate
                                Reservoir CD

                                 Justin Time
                            Justin Holden Quintet
                            Featuring Greg Abate
                              Bayside Recording

                          Dan Moretti and Brazilia
                             Featurin Greg Abate
                            Brownstone Recordings

                                Broken Dreams
                                 Greg Abate
                           Featuring Frank Tiberi
                             Seaside Recordings

                                Happy Samba
                             Greg Abate Quintet
                              Blue Chip Jazz


                           Greg Abate Jazz Clinics

It is with great pride that we announce that respected jazz artist, Greg
Abate, is now available for a limited number of jazz clinics. Ensembles and
entire music department students are welcome. Mr. Abate is an active jazz
musician whose credentials include studies at Berklee College of Music and
stints with Ray Charles and the Artie Shaw band. He is currently booked
throughout the jazz world as a soloist and is a recording artist with major
record labels.

A Greg Abate Jazz Clinic will not only give students the instruction, but
also the motivation to take their musical abilities to a higher level.

Master music lessons on saxophone and improvisation on all instruments are
also available for individual students.
Greg has been chosen by Selmer Music to be an authorized Selmer Clinician.

   Greg Abate Jazz Clinics are held nationwide and can be personalized to
                            achieve your goals.


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