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                                   Christy Baron
                               "I Thought About You"

                          Cliff Korman, Piano & Arranger;
                             George Young, Saxophone;
                            David Finck, Acoustic Bass;
                              Payton Crossley, Drums;
                        William Gallison, Chromatic Harmonica

                                   CHESKY JD152
                                  Chesky Records

To sing the song you must live the life. That doesn’t have to be taken
literally, but as a figure of speech Christy does get into the life of each
tune on this CD. She does, in a subtle way, get the listener into her life
just as the title of the first tune suggests. Christy Baron does not just
sing jazz tunes. She is a jazz singer! One has the feeling that she is
singing just to one person, and you hope that one person is you.

I understand that Christy and Cliff Korman chose the tunes for this CD. Each
tune is a classic standard in its own way, but Christy Baron raises the
standards for performance.
It is difficult to pick out a best tune on this CD, but I loved “Columbus.”
“Body and Soul” and “Misty” seem as fresh as the day they were introduced.
The tunes written by Stevie Wonder and McCarthy and Lennon prove that their
music has infinite value in this world.
It would be a pleasure to see MS Baron sing in person. Meanwhile, thank
heavens for this CD because I can’t wear it out.

Arthur C. Bourassa

Jack Jones 

Jack Jones Paints A Tribute To Tony Bennett 

Honest Entertainment OME 1021 

Jack Jones-Vocal 

Michael Renzi-Piano & Arrangements Craig Nelson-Bass Jimmy Blakemore 

Jack Jones' new CD, "Paints a Tribute to Tony Bennett," is soft and sentimental. Jack is
probably as good a male singer as there ever was, but doesen't get the air play that he
should. The tunes on this CD are all done in a laid back tempo, quite different from the
original recordings. Most of them are fine at slow tempo, but a little variety would have
helped the overall rating of the album. However, Skylark, Rags to Riches, Fly Me to the
Moon, and It Amazes Me are skillfully done as soft and sentimental. Mike Renzi, as always,
has written great arrangements and his piano stylings are superb. Give this CD a listen. 

The John Basile Quartet 

The Desmond Project 

John Basile-guitar Payton Crossley-drums David Finck-bass Allen Mezquida-alto

CHESKY JD156 DDD Chesky Records, Inc. 

“How Many Of You Are There In The Quartet?” That was the title of the autobiography that
Paul Desmond intended to write. He never finished it, but fortunately for us he did leave a
legacy of his performances and compositions on recordings. “The Desmond Project” by The
John Basile Quartet is a tribute album to Paul. Many people think that a tribute album should
be an attempt to carbon copy the artist being honored. This is not the case with this CD. The
tunes are associated with Paul and, of course, several were written by him, but the
arrangements are new and performed with respect. 

John Basile appreciated the style that was so unique to Paul Desmond and guitarist Jim Hall.
He realized that what they did was important to the evolution of jazz. John Basile plays
melodically and with a soft touch on the guitar which is reminiscent of Paul Desmond's
philosophy. However, the originality of John Basile’s quartet is not lost on this project. 

On only one tune, “Alone Together,” is a transcription of a Desmond solo used, and that is
done on guitar by John. “Take Five,” probably one of the best known tunes in music is born
again with John starring on guitar and Payton and David providing the touches that make
this such a great tune. Allen Mezquida is true to himself yet allows you to appreciate
variations on “ Desmond Blue” and “Darn That Dream." 

I would be remiss if I did not mention the quality of the audio engineering on this CD. It is truly
magnificent, and I believe that Chesky will continue as the leader in high tech recording. 

It’s unusual in this day and age, but this is a project that did not go astray. 

Arthur C. Bourassa 

Jack Jones

                                    Jack Jones
                                 "New Jack Swing"

                                    Linn Records

The age of swing has never past. We just need someone to remind us that
swing can be up-to-date. Swing is the heart of jazz and improvisation is the
breath of jazz. Jack Jones as a vocalist has given us the perfect
combination. That is usually done by an instrumentalist. Listen to this CD,
and after a few seconds you find yourself singing with Jack. You think to
yourself, "If I were a singer, this is how I would sing and perform." No
greater credit can you give an artist.
'Every Breath You Take' is born again as a real jazz standard. Of course ,
when you hear 'All Or Nothing At All' you think of Sinatra, but even though
this tune is dedicated to Sinatra, no way is there emulation; this tune is a
Jack Jones original on this disc.

I have always thought of Jack as being hip and this CD proves that I am

'She's Leaving Home' and 'Mack the Knife' both get outstanding new
arrangements. 'Color of the Wind' is a great change of pace that let's us
see that his voice is the color of gold.
The musicians are great and the big band arrangements are driven. If you
have been waiting for an honest, swinging CD, your ship has come in.

Arthur C. Bourassa

Betty Buckley

Betty Buckley "Much More"

Sterling Records S1014-2

The fans of Betty Buckley have said, “Eight is not enough.” Well now, we do have more, “Much More.” That is the title of her new Sterling CD, and she certainly gives much more to everyone. You are sitting in an elegant lounge when Betty walks on the stage and you hear the most romantic reading of many standards that are made new again by Betty Buckley.

From the moment you hear “Much More” to the final track, “Skylark,” you are embraced by the charismatic Betty Lynn. Her voice presents new colors and emotions to some beautiful melodies. Billy Strayhorn’s classic, Lush Life, has never been done with such feeling and new meaning. Laura is another standard that is a treat for a new generation. Cry Me A River and Autumn Leaves are more examples of what can be done by someone with the versatile talent of Miss Buckley.

A new tune, Flight, written by Craig Carnelia is an excellent change of pace for this CD.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the excellent musicians and arrangements on Much More. There are so many credits to be given for the music that I suggest that you purchase this CD. That is the ultimate acclaim you can give any performer.

Arthur C. Bourassa

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