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Profiles In Music

Welcome to a new site that will devote its pages to jazz and the entertainment field. I will make this site a diversity of ideas. You will see honest CD reviews. If you disagree with anything on this site, let me know. We must have open dialogue. There will be more reviews of real stars on the bubble. If we can let some of them into the nucleus of that bubble, we will have opened a new era in progressive jazz and entertainment.

Progressive jazz doesn't necessarily mean off the wall. Progress can be attained in teaching, learning, and evangilizing. Man; that's the reason we are here.

You will learn of hot spots both on and off line. Send your CDs to Profiles In Music for review.Please include a release for reproduction of the covers. Sorry, but that's the way the pellet drops.

Also, be aware that I receive no remuneration for anything that is sold or published on this site.

If jazz was for everyone, it wouldn't be jazz, it would be pop music. Would we want that?

One of the better jazz venues is Egg Roll & Jazz, at Chan's in Woonsocket, RI. World class artists in a delightful atmosphere. Chan's has an easy access location from Boston or anywhere. Call John at 401-765-1900 for directions.

Look for a swinging new CD by Jack Jones. It is reminescent of the energy and intensity of Bobby Darin. Jack's back, and we have him. Look for it to get plenty of air play.

Another excellent CD is "Cynthia's In Love" by Cynthia Crane on the LOOKOUT JAZZ label. Add it to your collection. Several new releases to be reviewed this week are;CDs from Arbors and Chesky Records.

A friend of mine, Don, asked me whether or not I ever wrote a negative review. My answer is the same that I have given editors for years. If I don't like a CD I will not write a negative review; I will simply ignore it.

You see there are enough what I call "shock jocks" out there who thrive at the opportunity to build a reputation by thrashing artists. That is their bag it is not mine. I want to tell my audience about good music, and I know that they appreciate it.

When I review TV or a movie, that is a little different, I will try to save people from the agony of being a victim of poor writing and incompetent production.


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